Bad Frequencies 09

Hawthorne Heights      

Bad Frequencies 09

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This Bundle Includes:
Bad Frequencies Bone w/ Black & Heavy Pink Splatter Vinyl LP

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Instant Track "Pink Hearts" sent at the time of purchase

Bad Frequencies Flowers Black T-Shirt

Pressing Info:
300 (PN Webstore Exclusive) - Bone w/ Black & Heavy Pink splatter
300 (US Indie Retail) - Bone / Electric Blue Aside/Bside
900 (various) - Bone

Track List:
1. In Gloom
2. Pink Hearts
3. Crimson Sand
4. The Perfect Way to Fall Apart
5. Just Another Ghost
6. Bad Frequencies
7. Skylark
8. Edge of Town
9. Starlighter (Echo, Utah)
10. Push Me Away
11. The Suicide Mile
12. Straight Down The Line
13. Pills

Album Release Date Is April 27th 2018

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